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Who specializes in treating posterior tongue tie in Philadelphia?

In Philadelphia, finding a specialist to address posterior tongue tie is crucial for parents seeking expert care for their infants. Best Dentist 4 Kids is a notable dental practice in the city, known for its specialization in pediatric dentistry, making it an ideal choice for addressing posterior tongue tie in young patients. Pediatric dentists at […]

6 Tips For Strong & Healthy Enamel

Enamel – It’s a tooth’s first line of defense against cavities, decay and plaque. The hardest part of the human body, enamel is the bullet-proof vest that teeth wear to defend against erosion. Acids in the food we consume, and naturally produced by the bacteria that live in our mouth, are the number one enemy of healthy teeth. That thin white outer coating of enamel, though almost as hard as diamonds, is precious and must be protected. So how can you ensure that your child’s enamel will remain strong throughout their baby-teeth years, and help develop healthy habits your child will take into adulthood?

Should my child chew sugar-free gum?

When it comes to chewing gum, dental professionals across the board have come to agree: Sugar-free chewing gum is better for our teeth. Even with the support of experts from organizations like the American Dental Association and Colgate, adults everywhere – especially those who are parents – have come to question the overall benefits of sugar-free gum.