Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies

We recognize that children have accidents, and BD4K responds to all emergencies promptly.

For a serious dental emergency, such as broken jaw or tooth, visit the emergency room first, then follow up with Dr. Lennie or Dr. Mike by calling our Main Office Numbers at (215) 333-9697 for Phillidelphia or (215) 672-5437 for Hatboro.

For less pressing situations, contact us as early in the morning as possible to schedule an appointment and follow these guidelines:

Rinse with warm water, or use a toothbrush to remove any impacted food. In case of facial swelling be sure to apply cold, never heat. If symptoms do not change contact your pediatric dentist.

Apply ice to bruised areas. If there is bleeding, apply firm but gentle pressure with a piece of gauze or cloth. If bleeding does not stop after 15 minutes or it cannot be controlled by simple pressure, take the child to the emergency room.

If possible, find the tooth. If the tooth is found handle it by crown, not the root portion. You may rinse the tooth, but DO NOTclean or handle the tooth unnecessarily. Inspect the tooth for fractures. If it is sound, try to insert it back into the socket. Have the patient hold the tooth in place by biting on a piece of gauze or a wash cloth. If you cannot insert the tooth, transport the tooth in a cup containing the patient’s own saliva or cold milk. 

The patient must see a dentist IMMEDIATELY! Time is a critical factor for survival of the tooth. 

If a baby tooth is prematurely knocked out, this is not an emergency situation. You should still contact your pediatric dentist, but there is no need to re-implant it.

Contact your pediatric dentist or pediatrician immediately.

Contact your pediatric dentist as soon as possible so the tooth can be checked and restored.

* Remember; A broken jaw or blow to the head is serious and will require a visit to the emergency room as soon as possible. If there are fractured teeth as a result of these injuries, they will be treated after your child has been been cleared by the emergency room or their physician.