Infant Dentistry

Infant at Dentistry at Best Dentist 4 Kids

If your infant child has begun teething, your first visit to the dentist isn’t far behind. Why should you choose Best Dentist 4 Kids? Because we are hands down the most caring, involved and active pediatric dentists in Philadelphia.

Your infant’s teeth require special care.
Here at Best Dentist 4 Kids, we specialize in Pediatric Dentistry services for our most precious patients. Selecting the right dentist for your little one can make all the difference in establishing good dental habits and health. Our approach gives parents the tools necessary to make healthy choices for their children, while providing expert care for your infants growing smile.

We're ensuring that the next generation of Philadelphia's smiles shine.

At Best Dentist 4 Kids, we’re the infant dentist Northeast Philadelphia parents trust for their babies’ dental needs. We take a complete approach to infant dentistry that goes beyond checkups and cleanings. Our mission is to help your child develop good dental hygiene and promote habits that will lead them to an enduring set of beautiful teeth.

Specializing In Pediatric and Infant Oral Health

Speech therapy may be needed for Speech Disorders that develop in childhood or Speech Impairments in adults caused by an injury or illness, such as Stroke or Brain Injury.  These are problems with making sounds in syllables, or saying words incorrectly to the point that listeners.

Receptive Disorders are problems with understanding or processing language problems with putting words together, having a limited vocabulary, or being unable to use language.

Remember that it’s your job as a parent to care for your infant’s teeth between visits, and to instill on your little ones the importance of good oral hygiene. Though parental education, hands on demonstrations and active participation during checkups and cleanings, our parents leave each dental visit with more information and power to provide the loving care necessary at home. We take a team approach, empowering parents while providing a comfortable and safe environment for your infant.

Our inclusive practice, which encourages parents to join us in our treatment rooms, stands out from the crowd. Legions of Philadelphia’s kids have grown up with us. We invest in the long term health of your child, and make going to the dentist a fun activity that your kids will look forward to!

Beyond good dental practice, ensuring your child’s infant teeth remain healthy is an important component in developing strong permanent teeth. Regular checkups with Best Dentist 4 Kids will ensure that your child’s teeth develop properly, are cared for in-between visits, and that your kids hygiene regime it effectively supporting their oral health. The children that BD4K treat develop dental habits that last a life time.